Thinking Big for Innovation
and Growth

Questioning, Challenging and

NX3 Games is dedicated to producing new and original gaming experience with latest technology and graphics.

Rohan M

14-year-old open-world action MMORPG 'game'
is finally released on mobile!
Experience freedom and true MMORPG experience in your hand.

The best experts in each field
are gathered to create
a new and original experience.

  • Growth

    with company

    We value success through personal growth rather than the company's system.The company provides an environment in which employees can develop their competencies and seek to grow together with the company and individuals through endless challenges.

  • Efficiency

    Good way

    We pursue a way of doing 'great' not be bound by any form. Once we set a goal we will try our best to find a most efficient and reasonable solution.

  • Value

    Important driving force

    We focus on the value of individuals and pursue uncompromised quality and fun factor. Based on freedom of imagination and open mentality across each field and not disregarding the core principle is our important driving force.